Module 2–MONDAY AFTERNOON, June 22

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This module builds on Module 1.You will learn how to filter data in Google Sheets, to zoom in on exactly what you want to see.

Before beginning the module, download the data used in the video (Excel format-Same data used in Module 1).

Now, watch the video on filtering a dataset in Google Sheets (runs 7:06). Or download. Repeat the steps in your copy of Google Sheets as you watch the video.

Exercise to practice your skills:

This is a rich dataset. Let’s use the filtering skills from the video to drill into the information.

1. Filter the dataset to see only the United States of America. Now, sort the dataset from largest to smallest value for the number of deaths. Make notes on what you find. Remove the filter.

2. Apply a new filter. This time, filter for Brazil. Using the Filter by Condition option, filter for only dates when 1,000 or more people died. Now, sort by the number of deaths in descending order. Make notes on what you find. Remove the filter.

3. Explore the data more, using your sorting and filtering skills. What can you find? What story would you want to do?

For this module, the exercise is to keep working with the data, and practice filtering. What can you find? David McKie prepared this tutorial on filtering (pdf download).

Live session east: 7 p.m. Atlantic, 6 p.m. Eastern

Live session west: 7:30 p.m. Eastern, 6:30 Central, 4:30 Pacific

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