Module 3–TUESDAY MORNING, June 23

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In this module, we introduce one of the most powerful spreadsheet capabilities, pivot tables. Pivot tables were made available first as part of Excel, but are now in just about every spreadsheet application, including Google Sheets. They allow us to quickly summarize our data and see patterns and trends.

Watch the video on pivot tables in Google Sheets (runs 13:30). Or download.

Download the data used in the video (Excel format-Same data used in Modules 1 and 2)


Following the method shown in the video, create your own pivot tables in Google Sheets. Make sure you have Sheets open and you have downloaded the above data.  David McKie prepared this tutorial on pivot tables (pdf download).

Supplementary material

Watch this video on calculated fields in pivot tables.


Live session east, on Zoom: 1:30 p.m. Atlantic/12:30 Eastern

Live session west: 2:30 p.m. Eastern/1:30 p.m. Central/11 a.m. Pacific

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